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Business Breakfast

Date to be announced: "The new culture of networking and economic crisis: a view from the trading floor", Louis-Serge Real del Sarte, Director Global Equities Europe, at Ladurée, Champs-Elysées






Business Breakfast
Ladurée, 6 April at 8 am

A talk by Louis-Serge Real del Sarte

The new culture of electronic networking, how it works
and how it will help us navigate beyond the financial crisis

Louis-Serge Real del Sarte has been the European Sales Director at GLOBAL EQUITIES
since 2001. The inventor of the Cylindrical analysis approach, he is also deputy vice-Chairman of the HEC Finance Club, Vice-Chairman of the European Circle and co-founder of the Financial Web Site EASYBOURSE.com. He leads a double life professionally, on the trading floor and via the new electronic networks of the Social Web. Familiar to the French media - he was featured on the M6 programme Zone Interdite in 2006 and interviewed by TF1 at the height of the financial crisis last autumn - Louis-Serge Real del Sarte will focus on the enormous changes he sees and practises in the way people network today and its future impact on the economy. In the midst of the ambient uncerainty which some call a crisis of civilisation, one thing that is absolutely certain is that electronic networking will be the foundation of business and social relationships and decision-making in tomorrow's economy. It's time to begin exploring what this means in terms of our daily behaviour.

Ladurée, 75 ave des Champs Elysées,
(Métro George V)

1. Write down your name and names of any guests you may be bringing
2. If you or guests were at Oxford, then write down your Oxford college name too.
3. Fill in a single cheque made out to "OUSP  Paris" for a total of 22 euros per person.
4. Send cheque and names to the following address:

Andrew Taplin,
2 rue St Louis,
78000 Versailles.
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  • 07/05/1962
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  • CV Digital: http://www.louis-serge-real-del-sarte.com/ Consultant en Réseaux Sociaux d'Entreprise Octobre 2009 à Janvier 2010: rédaction d'un ouvrage sur 'Les Réseaux Sociaux en ligne sur Internet' aux éditions Alphée distribué au premier


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