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expected return on the stock exchange
before Christmas

After the successful IPO of its competitor, the Chinese giant Renren, that of Groupon whose price has soared, and that of LINKEDIN whose founder is also a shareholder in facebook, it could very quickly choose to go on the stock exchange
The giant social networking on the internet should do its IPO, the Wall Street Journal on its website. This would normally be scheduled no later than May 2012. Discussions within the group related to the timing are still underway and it said it could take place next month, subject to the approval of the founder. The goal is to raise ten billion dollars to its current shareholders a capital gain of about 100 billion. According to the Wall Street Journal, David Ebersman, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of facebook, this project is negotiating with its bankers but has not yet adopted the list of organizers of this operation. These numbers depend mainly on the timing of this operation and the health of financial markets at that time. Confirmation of the rescue of Europe could galvanize the stock market (equities) and give the 'The' window of opportunity for adequate.
devrait rentrer en bourse
avant Noël:

Après l'entrée en bourse réussie de son concurrent, le géant chinois RENREN, celle de GROUPON dont le cours s'est envolé et celle de LINKEDIN dont le fondateur est également actionnaire de facebook, ce dernier pourrait très rapidement choisir de rentrer en bourse
Le géant des réseaux sociaux sur internet, devrait faire son introduction en Bourse, selon le Wall Street Journal sur son site internet. Celle-ci serait normalement prévue au plus tard en mai 2012. Des discussions internes au groupe liées au timing sont actuellement en cours et toujours selon la même source, cela pourrait avoir lieu le mois prochain sous réserve de l'accord du fondateur. L'objectif est de lever dix milliards de dollars pour assurer à ses actionnaires actuels une plus-value d'environ 100 milliards. Toujours selon le Wall Street Journal, David Ebersman, le CFO (Directeur financier) de facebook, négocie ce projet avec ses banquiers mais n'aurait pas encore arrêté la liste des organisateurs de cette opération. Ces chiffres dépendent essentiellement du timing de cette opération et de la bonne santé des marchés financiers à ce moment précis. La confirmation du sauvetage de l'Europe pourrait galvaniser les marchés actions (equities) et donner le 'La' pour une fenêtre de tir adéquat.


China and the stock market are not a priority for Facebook


Facebook is in no hurry to set up in China, according to its CEO interviewed by the American channel PBS. Mark Zuckerberg believes that "there is still so much room to grow in many other countries, it simply is not the first thing that concerns us." If Facebook is not yet available in China, "is the choice of government" in Beijing, said the director of operations Sheryl Sandberg who attended the same program, but the social network it has developed over time . Similarly, while acknowledging that it is necessary, Mark Zuckerberg has set no deadline for the IPO of the group. The U.S. media, they evoke early 2012.


 between the stock market

and earns



The action of the U.S. site Groupon gained 49.75% during the first exchange in the New York Stock Exchange on November 4. At 2:50 p.m. (GMT), the title was worth $ 29.95 on Nasdaq. This is the second largest IPO transaction for a U.S. Internet company after Google's in 2004. The introduction of the site group purchasing online was highly anticipated and allowed him to raise $ 700 million (510 million), while it posted a net loss of 308.1 million dollars (223 , 8 million) for the first nine months of the year.

Groupon delay its IPO


The U.S. site group purchasing online Groupon, who announced early in June its intention to go public, "re-evaluate the timing" of this operation and has canceled a promotional tour of his future listing, according to the Wall Street Journal. The motid mentioned on the "market volatility". The example of the Internet radio site Pandora and the Chinese Tudou videos, which have plunged during the day or the day after their IPO this summer, appears to encourage high-tech sector to be cautious. Thus, according to CNBC, the IPO of the online gaming company Zynga announced in early July, could be postponed to the end of the year or even 2012.

Before special items. Market cap above $10 billion.
Transocean (RIG) :    EPS at $0.42 ($0.44 est)     $0.38 n-1
                                Revenu up 17% at $853 millions ($868 est)                -2% before opening
                                Buyback program of $800 millions
Sprint Nextel (S) :    EPS at $0.32 ($0.33)     $0.30 n-1
                              Revenu at $10.01 billion ($10.49 est) (+76% but merger included)
                              Improved margins but slower growth in the near term                            -7.5% before opening
                              Buyback program $6 billion in the next 18 months
                              Sees FY06 revenu at $41-41.5 billion
Dominion Ressources (D) :    EPS at $0.84 ($0.83 est)     $0.99 n-1 (because of last year insurance recovery)
                                           Sees FY06 at $5.05-5.25 ($5.17 reuters est)
                                           Quaterly dividend of $0.69
Tyco (TYC) :    EPS at $0.49 ($0.48 est)     $0.51 n-1
                      Revenu in line at $10.5 billion                                                            -1% before opening
                      Sees FY06 at $1.80-1.82 ($1.82 est) and next quater at $0.47-0.49 ($0.50 est), small warning
Nortel (NT) :    EPS not clear because of exceptionnal $-0.03 ($-0.01 est)
                      Revenu up 4.6% at $2.74 billion ($2.80 est)
                      Nice orders growth +22% but modest growth in margins                            +3% before opening
                      FY06 revenu will be in the high single digit


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