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Grontmij announces that its Supervisory Board will nominate Mrs. A.G. (Annemieke) Nijhof for appointment as member of the Executive Board of Grontmij N.V. at an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Grontmij N.V. to be held on 9 November 2011.


Sylvo Thijsen, CEO of Grontmij N.V.: ‘We are delighted with the nomination for appointment of Mrs. Nijhof as member of our Executive Board. Following her appointment the executive board will, in addition to the CEO and CFO, consist of three members each responsible for a business line underlining our strategic focus. Mrs. Nijhof will be responsible for the business line Water & Energy, the region UK, and Central and Eastern Europe and Corporate Social Responsibility. She brings extensive knowledge and experience in this sector which will contribute to the further implementation of our strategy’.


Mrs. Nijhof (1966) has some twenty years of experience both in the public and private sector. She started her career as project manager at Tauw consultants, where she became head of the water sector in 1996. She was Deputy Director external safety of the Department of Public Health, Spatial Planning and Environment and later became advisor to the Prime Minister on sustainable development. In 2008 Mrs. Nijhof was appointed Director General Water at the Department of Infrastructure and Environment. Mrs. Nijhof is a Dutch national. She is a Master of Science in Chemical Technology (Twente University) and holds an executive MBA from the TSM Business School.


Mrs. Nijhof will be nominated for appointment for a period of 4 years as per 9 November 2011. The remuneration of Mrs. Nijhof will be in line with the current remuneration policy of the group.


After the appointment in accordance with this nomination the Executive Board will consist of the following five members: Mr. S. Thijsen (CEO), Mr. D.M. Zuydam (CFO), Mr. G.P. Dral, Mr. J.L. Schnoebelen and Mrs. A.G. Nijhof. For the coming year, Mr. Thijsen will continue to head the business line Transportation & Mobility supported by Mr. Gilles Leservot, head of Business Development Grontmij and former CEO of EGIS S.A.

Further details about Mrs. Nijhof will be available as annex to the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Grontmij N.V which will be published on the company’s web site (www.grontmij.com) on 27 September 2011.

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