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The money will flow freely

through Paypal on Facebook


The online payment service Paypal Ebay belonging to the group launched this weekend in the United States, the application "Send Money", which allows to exchange money with friends on Facebook.

Still in beta, Send Money application on Facebook is a service offered as online payment. The decision was made ​​to launch the application on the basis of PPMT that over 80% of users also use the social network.

Send Money allows money transfers between members of Facebook, directly from the social network provided that the sender and receiver both have a PayPal account.

You can send money in 65 countries and in almost all currencies. WARNING: This free money transfer to the United States will be charged in France. For outside U.S. borders, a commission of 0.5 to 2% will be charged. It may be up to 3.4% over 4 vore a flat fee of 30 cents for a payment made by credit card.

Users can click links to make free money transfers to bank accounts classics. This new option will also take the form of picture cards, videos and photos ...... money is flowing but the soul and the wallet flowing pic!


Twitter has launched

two new features

that night with two new tabs.


By clicking on the "@ username", the user can see if its own tweets are marked as favorites, or retweeted messages sent to it personally.

The tab "Activity" highlights recent actions (favorites, retweets and subscriptions) customers or subscribers followed over the user. These new services, close to the features used on Facebook were tested this summer before being put into operation yesterday.

Independent firms

could monitor privacy on 



Facebook has signed an agreement with U.S. authorities stating that its policy of confidentiality of personal data is controlled via independent audits regularly and for twenty years. The Wall Street Journal, the Federal Trade Commission would only give the green light. This follows a complaint filed in 2009 by associations for the defense of privacy. Since last August, a student of Austrian law also launched an offensive before the Authority for the protection of privacy in Ireland (DPC), where the European headquarters of Facebook. They believes that the California company violated arround 22 european rules.


Many users soon in India and the United States


Some 112 million Indians have Internet access, or 8% of the 1.2 billion people who peupleent the subcontinent, according to a study from the Association of Indian companies on the Internet and mobile made ​​in the month of in September. This is the third largest number of Internet users after China (nearly 500 million) and the United States (245 million). India wins from 5 to 7 million new users of the Web each month and could snatch second place to the Americans in two years, according to the report. Google believes that users will be Indians three times more in three years, through the development of wireless Internet and smart phones at affordable prices.


opens brands and



Google+ now offers businesses and celebrities have, like on Facebook, their own public page on the community service of Google. L'Oréal, Orange, Piaget and Ubisoft have already taken advantage of this opportunity, says the French official blog of the American giant. Launched in June and September at the invitation to the general public, Google + claimed 40 million users in October, and analysts expect 60 million by the end of 2011. By comparison, Facebook has 800 million active users to date.

But be careful to latent defects, you will be unable to transfer an account after the designated community manager. The account established company is owned by an individual designated.


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